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1) A 50% deposit is required 3 days before the fitting date or upon delivery of goods.


2) The full balance must be paid upon job completion, or a 10% weekly surcharge will be added to the outstanding balance of the invoice.


3) All areas must be cleared of furniture, floor coverings removed, the area free from dust or charges may occur.


4) If the customer has paid for the furniture to be removed and replaced, the area must be cleared of all breakables and ornaments etc must be boxed up or removed prior to the fitter's arrival.


5) All wires, pipes etc must be safely secured underneath the subfloor. If these conditions are not met Weybridge flooring accepts no liability for damages.


6) Once goods have been delivered to Weybridge flooring the deposit will become non-refundable.


7) If floor coverings are present on the survey Weybridge flooring can accept no responsibility for the sub-floor.


8) Customers are responsible for all parking, permit and congestion charges.


9) If you are not 100% satisfied with our work we will endeavour to correct all problems until you are 100% satisfied.


10) We will beat any written quotation that is an exact comparison of materials, services and labour.

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