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The beauty of wooden flooring


The smooth texture and beautiful appearance of natural wooden flooring is the perfect solution for practically any decorating scheme. Whether you are going for a traditional country look or a contemporary theme, the timeless appeal of wood will add warmth and elegance to any home. And the benefits don’t end there:

· Good quality wooden floors last for decades. With a minimal maintenance programme, these floors actually look better as the years go by.


· Wood flooring is more hygienic than carpets; they don't attract bugs and mites, trap dust or other allergens, so are ideal for allergy or asthma sufferers and pet owners.


· Wood floors are easier to clean than carpets. A simple brush or light vacuum keeps your wooden floors looking great. If dogs or children have dragged mud through the house a damp mop removes this muck with ease.


· The way your house smells is so important. Whereas some flooring can trap in unpleasant odours, the aroma of a polished wooden floor is a delight and will make your home more inviting.


· Wood provides a great medium to install underfloor heating, which is the most efficient way to heat your house.


· If after a few years your wood floor has been scratched or is a bit damaged due to heavy wear and tear, a simple sand and seal will bring it back to new again.


· Timeless appeal, whereas other floor types or designs go in and out of fashion, the wood appeal has lasted centuries and is an extremely popular design.

Soild wood floring sample
​Solid wood

Solid wood is available in many different species, colours and finishes. It can be sanded down numerous times and coated in different finishes to change its feel and appearance. Due to all this, it has unsurpassed longevity.


Solid wood has to be attached to the subfloor ensuring a 'solid' feeling underfoot

Engineered wood

Engineered wood consists of several layers and a top layer of wood of your personal species, colour, and finish. It can be sanded down a couple of times to change its appearance and texture.

Engineered wood can be 'floated' above the subfloor using an underlay.

Engineered wood flooring sample

The most versatile of the wood floors, with a vast array of colours, textures, and sizes available you are sure to find the perfect flooring for any given room.

Laminate wood flooring samlple

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